Rocket Queen
Rocket Queen


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They waist their minds on memorizing the stats of every college basketball player or how many words should be in a report when they should be using their brain on more important things.
Eric David Harris. 4/21/98 (via god-damn-punk-ass-pice-of-shit)

I’ve made 15 kids jumpers and 10 beanies for the homeless children for Easter who stay with the salvation army. You best believe i’ve been knitting non-stop since Feb, i’ve been knitting and walking, knitting and reading, knitting and eating and you bet your ass knitting and tumblring. It’s so good to put the needles down! We also gave Skye’s old winter clothes, lots of toys she doesn’t play with, a shitload of canned food and we bought some Easter eggs for them. 

Life after Columbine


"So, what do you think when you look at the stars?"

"I like very intense, deep, colorful, graphics, things that are out of a dream or something from deep space."

"hey, can I ask you a kind of personal, "deeper" question? what do you think about when you look at the night, when theres no clouds out and you can see all the stars?"

- Eric


son of a bitch, there’s nothing I despise more than a pussyfooter


becoming older than 10 years old was the biggest mistake of my life


It’s unhealthy how much I think about Columbine.


Do you think this is convincing enough


Do you think this is convincing enough

From left to right: Viktor Sayenko, Alexander Hanzha, Igor Suprunyuck