Reb's Girl
Reb's Girl

you try to be nice to people and they make it so hard for you with their faces

so, Taggart’s pretty cute, huh?

Where/when did eric take off his trench coat on that day? :)


After he shot Rachel, he decided to take off his trench coat. And it was near the fence on the top of the stairs as you can see here, his trench coat on the floor.




Although I am very interested in who Eric and Dylan were, (obviously), am I the only one who finds it absolutely heart breaking that a man who lost his son has to deal with people telling him he deserved to be shot and killed? Who does that… Who honestly does that!? I have no words. That is not trolling, that is being cruel and insensitive towards their grief and pain… This makes my head rage and my heart hurt.

Same, this makes me feel so guilty. I’m very disappointed in people.

back the fuck down AUSTRIA!

dead peeps love to hang at mcdonalds

Chew your meat for you
Pass it back and forth
In a passionate kiss
From my mouth to yours
Sloppy lips to lips
You’re my vitamins


Nancy Spungen (with Sable Starr in the top picture) at CBGB, mid-late 1976.